Myth of a Woman

The project «Myth of a Woman» is based on problems perception of female body in modern world. I turn to the notion of myth as a narrative that conveys people’s ideas of the world, concentrating on the image of women in this world, the divine, the tragic and the heroic in her. 

Based on deep cultural memory and European mythology, I tell the story of strength, sacrifice, sexuality, acceptance, courage and others. All the complex images that have been built over millennia are being transferred to the modern way. 

    Playing with the reality and interpretation of the human body and personality has always been of great importance. I am repeating Roland Barthes - «everything can become a myth», I create a modern myth about a woman’s body, with reworked images of the past.

    In the modern world, we create a myth, for the content of which we ourselves are responsible to the future.

    2021    Recucling of Forms (23/07 - 30.07), Paris France

    2022    In-Corpus Photography Festival II (07/05-29/05), Arles, France

                Soma, Molbert Gallery, (22/06-3/07), Saint Petersburg, Russia
                ArtNumber 23 (21/01 - 27/01), Athens, Greece