In-out model

Photography, 2021

     The project "In-out model" raises the issue of self-identification of a person and its relationship with society in this matter. Where does our perception of ourselves end and dependence on others' opinions? The human person grows out of the interpersonal interactions of society and the perception of others. Can we remain who we are and are I without the opinion of others?

     The works refer the viewer to the image of a model posing for artists – this is a naked body in front of many opinions about it. Working with the body as an object and the reflecting film made it possible to freely modify the image. Working with these distortions is a tool for transmitting the complex process of human perception of oneself and the world around us.

     Playing with the reality and interpretation of the human body and personality has always been of great importance. In today’s world, where online communication consumes everything, the perception of oneself and how we perceive others is especially important, because there are more people around...​