Fear becomes Grief

Photography, 9 photos, 2022 



«All kinds of arts serve the greatest of the arts -

the art of living on earth».
Bertolt Brecht

The project "Fear becomes Grief" is the reaction of a person who finds himself in a terrible, uncontrollable system where the life of an individual has no value.
Fear is a product of the mind. This is a brain reaction that begins with a stressful stimulus and ends with physical changes. Fear shackles the body.
When an external enemy causes fear, you can find like-minded people and resist. What to do when the enemy is the society and the politic system in which you are? You lose your bearings and faith in people. Your body is bound to certain limits, beyond which you must remain silent.
Only feelings remain here. The feelings are not a momentary emotion or sensation, not an affect, not experiences unrelated to physical events. Feelings are a complex evaluative attitude to real objects. They cannot be limited, whether by law, political system or other external factors.
Fear becomes grief.