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What happens when we omit the verbal and written mode of communication and leave only our emotional way of perceiving? In everyday life, we have a lot of conversations with other people and with the world in general. But leaving these particulars as a whole, we perceive any communication with the help of empathy. Sound, rhythm, and visual language are often important to us. By building narratives on these points of support, we try to convey our ideas and meanings. After all, the more personal our conversation is, the more tremulous and unstable our narrative is.
But narration is a monologue and there is always another person or the object of our conversation, therefore there is a refraction and distortion of our thoughts and feelings. This is where the main types of our conversations are revealed. Does the conversation enable us to bridge the gap between reality and the aspirations to create unanimity? Or does it inspire and direct us to new thoughts, feelings and emotions? Or is the conversation our self-expression ? Or a constructive conversation that encourages us to work together or gives feedback and the opportunity to learn a new lesson.
The film created as part of the multimedia project "Conversation" during the 2023 ecoSuites art Residency at Tristinika Beach, Greece and reflects a round of reflections on what is a conversation, how nature can communicate with itself and who we are in this conversation.