Blind Spots

Photography, Collage,  9 works, 2022

 "Blind Spots" is a reflection project that explores the problems of the limitations of our perception. Limitations can lead to vulnerability and weakness. The psychological vulnerability create emotional blind spot. Everyone is subject to prejudices such as overconfidence, cognitive rigidity, blind persistence and tunnel vision. It always seems to a person that he is invulnerable to these prejudices. It thus creates the illusion of one’s own impartiality vis-à-vis others. All these negations weaken us and prevent us from growing.

    With the help of mirrors and other reflective surfaces, the author talks about hidden angles of consciousness, the duality of perception and its blind zones. The dual property of the mirror has a key role in the project: on the one hand it narrows the angle of consciousness, reflecting only part, on the other hand the mirrors are our interlocutors, whom we ask questions and can expand our blind zones by looking at it from a different angle.